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Please Note: This section is incomplete, and will likely not be fully completed untill the the game is finished.


The following will include the talent trees available. You can choose three 1'st level talents. Two third level talents, or one fifth level. (You may of course discuss with the GM if you want to compromise or have a suggestion) Talents are basically perks, but with a ladder like approach. (You need 1 to take 2, 2 to take 3 aso)

You can also take up to two flaws/drawbacks to gain a talent of equal level to the flaw. You may not posses more then one fifth level drawback or perk however. (Not in the start at least)

Some talent trees are only open to a certain race due to it being the only one being "capable" of it for various reasons, most are explain themselves however.

And as stated before, some trees you should not be able to have a high amount of ranks in at the start due to them being more for "late game" due to their content.

You are also like with virtue's able to customize your talents to a certain degree. Swap out one stat for another, change a skill or so. But you will need a decent reason or explanation to do


Requirements: Unicorn Pony
"Even if my own life ain't worth living, somepony else might be, and I'll do my damned best to make sure they'll be able to!"

  1. "Hang in there" You take 3 or 6 damage, no save nor reduction. And heal a friendly target within 30 meters that you are able to see or hear enough to pinpoint, for 2 or 4 hp. (+ your friendship if you spend a friendship point) This is considered a free action. (End mod times per turn)
  2. "Watch out!" As above, but you are able to cast it as a reaction, (aka: not on your turn) you however become dazed on your turn due to the fatigue. In addition, all your healing spells also cost 1 less mana to cast (min 1) and you learn a new basic spell within your desired school.
  3. "I won't let you!" You can now also choose to take 9 point of hp to heal 7. When you use your powers or abilities to aid a friend in need, you can spend a friendship point to reduce their (enemies) attack roll with FS, and your ally's dodge/absorption/cover save with FS for a d4+1 rounds. This will however reduce your own with ½ the amount for the remainder of the effect. But after all, it's better you then them right? You also regain 2 additional stamina per turn.
  4. "Oh... pretty colors..." You now gain access to healing 10 hp for the cost of 12 of your own. You might also roll a save to lose 1d4 less hp (never less then 1) each time you heal somepony other then yourself. (unless you have a negative morale) Your natural healing also increase by +2.
  5. "Ultimate sacrifice" You heal one additional health every time you use your own vitality as the healing source, you're also capable of entering a chakra state to gain +2 to all healing checks. You will however, in this state take 1hp damage per round, and you will start loosing control over some bodily functions as you push your body across the limit. You can also choose to pay the ultimate price as you magically tear your own heart apart for it's magical properties, you instantly take 110 % of your total hp pool and heal each of your allies within 50 m for 3 times (+FS) of the remaining HP you had when you used this. Inspired, touched or even enraged by your selfless act, each target affected also gains +10 to all of their rolls for the remainder of the encounter as they are filled with the last remainders of your soul on this bitter hell-hole. May your sacrifice not have been in vain. (you noble, possibly masochistic pony) Your total HP also increase by 1d4+3.


"I-I only wanted to help..."

  1. "Oh my... seems serious" Gain a +3 bonus to empathy and first aid. And raise max FP by 1.
  2. "Let me get that patched up for you" Additional +3 bonus, and first aid and doctor checks require 1 less action point too use. You also remove 50 % of your patients penalties due to pain, nausea or overall reduction due to an effect. This lasts for either the DoS of your roll to patch them up times 2, +1 rounds. Or for as long as you spend at least 2 AP each round to comfort and cheer them on. They need to be able to hear and (know they can) see you (if they turned around) for this effect to last. As soon as you go out of sight or hearing or loose concentration due to being hit, the effect it lost. This can affect up to your Cha mod+1 targets.
  3. "Don't you dare die on me!" Additional +4 bonus, this one also applying to the doctor skill. And through sheer willpower, the undying bond of friendship, or pure denial, you are able to try a second time with Resurrection with a +10 chance. Each time you use this however, you become afflicted with a -5 to all rolls stacking fatigue for 1 hour.
  4. "NO! YOU CAN'T BE DEAD! YOU CAN'T!" Additional +4 to all 3 skills, can try an extra time with a Resurrection with an cumulative +5 chance. You can also somehow always know how much hit points someone that you've at least known for a week (and befriended) have. To do this, you form an empathic link with them through sheer fucking compassion. You can do this with a number of friends equal to your current FP+2. So if you ex: have 4 links and drop to 1 FP, you must choose to cut one link, you choose which one. They will not work of you are more then FS rank times 100 meters away however. By spending a FP, you can double the range of this radius for 24 hours, as well as the number of links you can have.
  5. "You're going to LOVE ME!" You may use your intimidate instead of your diplomacy after at least 3 failed attempts at the same day with a +25 modifier. You also gain +17 in attempts to "be intimate" with somepony "for their own good" after multiple rejections. Oh, and you also get another +5 to the above mentioned skills. As well as a +10 in melee weapons.

Corrupted RedeemerEdit

Requirements: Unicorn Pony
"Just see it as really intense surgery... The procedure? Head amputation!"

  1. "I don't think so..." Once per enemy, you can spend 5 action points to stare at them with a cold, merciless glare. (works like a normal spell, charisma based) If they fail their save, they suffer ½ of your charisma score on all rolls as long as they know you are still standing, and in the vicinity. If you suffer from panic or similar, the effect is broken. (if your target/s notice)
  2. "Just a flesh wound... or well, it WAS!" If you cause a minor injury or cripple to an opponent, you may spend 2 action points (can overlap to your next round) and roll for a critical, if you succeed, the wound becomes one step worse along the table.
  3. "Your soul is MINE!" Roll a ranged attack just like small guns, but replace dex with int, cha or wis (choose when you take this talent) and then roll a d6 for damage, you heal yourself ½ of that amount, while the enemy takes the full damage. This counts as magical energy weapon for the purpose or resistance or reduction. This can be done once every 3 rounds.
  4. "GET OVER HERE!" You open a small gash in your body, taking 1d4+2 damage, blocking off your sense of pain for a round (ignoring effects and afflictions caused by pain, you may choose to only use this effect, but either of them can only be used once every 6 hours) then proceed with causing one of your intestines to dart out towards a enemy within 15 meters, the attack is solved as either a unarmed, or small gun attack with a +20 modifier. You pull the target closer equal to half your Str+End score meters towards you. Anypony that witness this horrific act of gory display must roll a hard -30 will save (-15 for raiders) to not shit bricks in fright. The main target is left prone and grappled for one round. If it succeeds it's will save, it is allowed to fight back with a contested srt check, but with a -25 modifier. You can try to to use this on others then yourself, but you suffer a -50 modifier, you would however roll a d8+4 for damage thou. You can choose to not shut of the pain for the victim for another +20 mod. Since, you know, you do seem to care sooo much for their and your own safety. You sick freak...
  5. "Rise my soldiers, rise and fight once more!" By draining necrotic energy from yourself and your surrounding, you raise 1d8 (maximum your level) zomponies to fight for you and your allies... if you don't decide now is a good time to betray them for some reason. Keep in mind your shambling new friends only lasts for 5 minutes times your level. Their hit points will be equal to what you sacrifice of your own hp pool to create them. Their stats are the following: hp = x, Str = 12, End = 10, Agi = 6, Unarmed = 45, Melee = 35. (stats may vary depending what you raised them from, ex: a foal would have much lower stats, and not everything can be raised mind you)

Disciple Under the DerpEdit

Requirements: Derp Virtue (or veeeery low wis+int score)
"Square root of of 17 times 9, equals the quadr- oh, shiny red ball!"

  1. "I see what you did there... and over there too" You have been gifted(?) with the rare passive feat of being wall eyed. Your gain +20 to perception checks when it comes to seeing visual things. But suffer -10 to social interactions when somepony is able to see your eyes. Creatures with "Rad" in their name, such as Radroaches also get +12 on attacks against you, but you however gain a +11 herp cover save against them, there is no reason for this. At all.
  2. "You try your best, but it's not quite there. You kick a hoof, saying it's not fair" You can trade the result of a roll of the same type (such as Ref save) with one of your party members, only if they agree to this however. You can trade for the better or the worse. This can also be done with attacks and skill checks as long as it's the same check. However, this only affects the final result. So if the one you are trading with has +20 against fear, that bonus is included in the score you trade for. Not added to the one you gave that character. In fact, no modifiers are allowed. Not positive nor negative. You trade the result of the dice. Only FP can affect this roll. You may also thrice per day roll a neigh impossible check against your luck. If you succeed, you gain DR equal to 75 % of your luck, heal 50 % of your luck, gain bonus AP on your next or current turn equal to 25 % of your luck. And get 100 % of your luck as a alfalfa modifier to your next luck mod rolls.
  3. "Do not let what you cannot do interfere with what you can do" Up to your Luck mod per day, you can roll a easy, moderate or hard task against one of your attributes instead of a skill. You however count as being trained in whatever you roll against, which grants you +15 on the roll (or 18 if an EP) Which attribute is chosen at random, roll a D20 to determine which. You can choose which one to start going down or up from. On a 1, you stay on the one you choose to start on.
  4. "Temporal Vortex" Once per combat, 1/3 of your luck per week. You can let out a high pitched derp, startling and disorienting everyone in the vicinity. (everyone within your current combat) This have to be decided at the start or end of the current turn. You must however say that you are intending to use it at the start of the first turn of the combat. You can change your mind at the end of the round however, but there's a 50 % chance you'll be unable to use it again in this combat. (coin toss or the like). The result of this however, is the following: Everyone in the combat swap their roll with someone (choose "above" or "bellow", then roll a dice (choose whichever, d4 to d10 is preferred however) then everyone in combat gives their roll to the pony up/down that many steps in the combat rooster. If said pony didn't roll anything, they did now. And if they moved, they now moved in the opposite direction. Any skill used gets swapped to equal skills up/down as the roll. And all attacks swaps target to a new, same sized die, but opposite direction of the first roll. Also, gain a bonus to all rolls equal to your luck mod.
  5. "WORLD DOMINATION!" You succeed your next check, whatever you try to do (as long as you could normally succeed with this on a roll. For example: things like decapitating a dragon with your nipple does not count. It still needs to have at least a neigh impossible difficulty to roll against.), but however, you suffer a D100 % drawback or backlash of whatever you did. (ex, if you give damage, you suffer from 1 % to 100 % of the damage back onto you, if you managed to fear a enemy, you suffer 1-100 % of the fright yourself. If you heal someone, you get 1-100 % of the health as well. Hey, I never said this had to make sense, what are you even expecting from this talent tree? You can use this up to your luck mod times per week.


"*Cough, cough* 'Scuse me, I'm just a little hoarse"

  1. "Tactical face-hoof" Through finesse and precise and delicate hoofwork, you have mastered the legendary face-hoof technique. This grants you a +50 bonus to expertly manage too face-hoof whenever somepony does something to stupid or outright dumb, that no words are able to describe their actions. In addition, you gain a +4 bonus too lockpick, traps, stealth and SoH.
  2. "You're going to back-stab him with WHAT?"
  3. "I'm gone..." During an encounter, if you can cause a distraction by any means (yes, the cliché "Look over there" or "Not me" may be used, you will however take a penalty up the hindquarters if their Wis score is anything above 4... althou, judging by how many are raiders.... but that's still beside the point!) Anyhow, if you succeed in creating a distraction, for your next round (or the same you caused the distraction, your choice) you gain a +25 bonus (+26 with awesome virtue) on your chosen turns "rogue" actions, such as sneak, lockpick etc, if used to attack, this bonus drops by -10. Depending what you use for distraction, you might get modifiers. Tossing rocks and the like might prove a useful tool when trying to get a bonus, assuming they don't see you do it.
  4. "Evasive action, evasive action!" Every clever infiltrator always has a back up plan for the back up plan when everything fails. Sadly however, you are not that smart infiltrator mentioned above. However, legging it has always seemed too work quite well for you. Each day, you may use the following action before you take your next turn equal to your End modifier+2 (min 1). You gain in a sudden bust of panic, adrenalin and resolve, you gain 1/4 of your total Agi as bonus AP for the next 1d4+2 turns. In addition, increase your AC with ½ your Agi as well as the multiplier modifier for evasion by 1 for the duration of the above effect. (the bonus AP may not be used for offensive actions)
  5. "Everypony's cloak and dagger, an' they got that swagger."


Requirements: Earth Pony
"This ere is quite simple reasoning. Jus keep hittin' em till they stop gettin' back up see?"

  1. "One by one I hit them to the ground" For every hostile (or sometimes even neural... and sometimes friendly...) target that you either incapacitates, knocks unconscious or kills, you gain a temporary +5 insight morale bonus on your next action. Along with +3 to melee and unarmed.
  2. "Oh snap!" You count 50 % of your strength as the mod for close combat damage, and have +3 to damage Th when counting towards breaking bones with a melee or unarmed attack.
  3. "Apocalypse Ain't Got Nothin' On Me" You gain a +1 to all damage rolls against everything, because you like killing everything. Your insight bonus is also doubled (or +5 if you have none)
  4. "You radroaches wana play tough?"
  5. "Indomitable" Once per day, you can raise to the top of the condition track (the current conditions are still there, the penalty for them was just removed however. You must be concious to use this. It can be used as a reaction to being hit, but that will drain 50 % of your AP at the start of your next turn. In addition, you gain 10 % of all damage you deal as bonus temporary stamina until the end of your next turn. You also gain your End mod +2 each time you down an opponent.

Aerial AgentEdit

Requirements: Pegasus Ponies
"Ah, the wind in my mane, the friction against my feathers and my enemy within my sight."

  1. "Do a barrel roll!"
  2. "Ah, the dust in my mane, the blood seeping down my- wait, where the hell am I?" Through diligently practising (willingly?) crashing, your body has become more adapt at taking full body blows as your your wings unfurls and stiffens just a bit as you are plummeting towards the ground, or any other object that might feel like standing in your way. (this works even when unconscious) You and your body has also learnt how to more efficiently land to reduce impact. This gives you a 50 % reduction to fall damage, and a 20 % reduction at full body slams (such as large chunks of debris hitting you) neither of these works if both your wings are torn off or broken. (with one wing still working, the values are cut in half) You can also shrug off most falls bellow 5 meters as well.
  3. "I am the god-damn batmare!"


"I'm not gonna kill her, I'm just gonna kick her ass! Then possibly kill her after that..."

  1. "Blood for blood" You deal additional damage to (chose one) 30 % of your total lost HP. 50 % of the HP you lost the previous round. (this effect can last up to your Str or End mod, but does not stack as a cumulative bonus. You can however refresh it with a higher or lower number) 5 % of your entire party's lost HP. 15 % of the HP your entire party lost the previous 2 rounds, or +1 damage each time you get hit. And +0.5 for each party member that gets hit, this lasts for equal rounds to your End or Str stat. In addition You can no longer let a bad pony go unpunished. They have to taste their own medicine.
  2. "Tooth for tooth"
  3. "Eye for eye" In addition you can no longer let a bad pony die or be set free without receiving torture, or at least a punishment equivalent to their crime. In some rare cases (applies to both 1 and 5 as well) you can agree to spare somepony's life if the majority of the victims insist that they don't have to die for what they did. You must still however be allowed to give them what they deserve. (apart from the killing them until they die to death part ofc)
  4. "Soon, I'm gonna make you WISH you were dead"
  5. "I'm gonna rip out your reproductive organs and shove them down your throat!" In addition You can no longer let a really bad pony live. All must be punished according to the crimes they committed. You mirror what they've either directly done to others, or have had others do for them. You don't have to mirror this by 100 %, but is has to be of similar weight of what they did, and preferable a bit more painful as well. If they shot somepony that instantly died due to it was in the head? Shot them in a non-vital area and watch them squirm for a bit first. If they're slavers? Slap the collar onto them, beat em up according to how they treated their slaves (the slaves are welcome to join ofc) then either send em off to some place as slaves themselves, give them to the slaves. Or set them free. All depending how bad of a slaver they were. And if they're rapists, but you don't feel like raping them back? Just play punching bag, let the victim play with them, or invent a new use for radroaches or see how well toxic waste works as skin lotion. Funny how some of them seems to tell you that you can't do this, that it's wrong, or that this won't solve anything. What do they know? You ARE the law.

Heavy Weapons MareEdit

"You seem a bit pale... may I recommend a dose of IRON in your dietary supplement? *Maniacal cackle*"

  1. "Flank fire" You only suffer a -10 penalty if you both move and fire ranged weaponary during the same turn. This only includes weapons that you could flank fire with, most smaller firearms are not included in this category, and neither is thrown things.
  2. " More Dakka!" It costs you one less AP to fire with a weapon mounted onto your battle saddle. (Some larger bi-pedal mounted weapons fit under this category as well)
  3. "More bullets then your body has room for!" You have found a way to organize your ammunition more effectively then before, increasing the size of almost every weapons ammo "clip" by 25 %, as well as a 20 % cooldown reduction when (not "if", when.) you overheat one of your weapons.
  4. "Let the bodies hit the floor, let the bodies hit the floor!" For each of your targets you take down, you gain a +2 to damage until the end of your next turn, this bonus stacks, but only lasts for a round, so while the bonus from the first round lasts on the second, it doesn't on the third, but the second lasts on the third, and so on. This effect is immediate, starting with your first target. If you for example hit 3 targets, injure the first, kill the second, you would then have a +2 damage on the third one. If you then on your next round attacks the remaining two targets, killing the first one, you would then have a +4 to damage on the last remaining one. If next turn however, more would appear, you would have lost the first rounds bonus, but still be at a +2 from the second + gained.
  5. "Not in the vocabulary"


"Ya feeling lucky, punk?"

  1. "I ain't need bullets ta kill" You suffer no penalties when using one of your pistols as an improvised weapon when trying to ex: Hurl it at a target, pistol whip somepony, just doing a sort of head-butt while still holding your firearm, or about anything you now might come to use it for. In addition, you can take 1d4-1½ (no save, dice result: 1-3 rounded up, 4 rounded down) damage to valiantly refuse to loose your pistol due to cause of damage, disarm or similar. You cannot use this ability if you are: Unconscious, missing your method of holding your firearm, (such as having your jaw blown off) dead, or if the attack in question hit you in target area 20. Sorry, but not even you are that badass.
  2. "Got something on your face..." You deal your Agi mod extra damage when you shoot somepony in the head, as well as increase the count towards the damage threshold by your Per mod when you got a shot in the head on a target. In addition, you can reload your gun with a easy Agi check, or a Sleight of hoof check with a +1½Agi conditional bonus modifier and have it cost 1 less AP, and not prove opportunity attacks. If the check fails, you drop your ammunition and pretty much lost 1 AP. You may re-try however. (Do keep in mind you cannot use the bullets on the ground for this.) If your fumble with this roll, you drop your bullets AND gun. (talent 1 can be used to prevent this)
  3. "They had it coming..." After you hit an enemy, you instantly roll another attack to have your bullet ricochet (I don't care if it can to through in a straight line, it freaking ricochets if I say so) to another target within 50 % of your Per meters, you can do this with each successive hit,but the damage is reduced to 90 % on the first, and another 10 % for each target beyond that.
  4. "Don't worry, I know exactly what I'm doing! ... I think" You can use 80 % of your skill in pistols for weapons that are similar to pistols, such as magical energy weapons. You cannot however reload them without the required skill rank, but who needs to? You also gain +5 in Pistols with a single specific type of pistol of your choice (your weapon of choice ofc. This can be re-located if you obtain a new, better pistol however, but it takes 1d6 days.) You can also now reload pistols as a free action (on your turn) as a moderate Agi check, or a SoH check with +½Agi bonus. (Same rules apply for this as the talent 2 reload)
  5. "Guns don't kill ponies... I DO!" Each time you kill an opponent, regain all the AP that attack cost you (including cost for SATS, conditional modifiers etc), you are free to spend them however you like. Most likely by keeping your stride up. You also just became that badass (See talent 1)


"They ignored my warnings... shunned my calls. They just had to keep over-using that poor device. But when it finally breaks, and they are hoof deep in trouble. All the ponies will come trotting to me, begging for help. And I will look down upon them and whisper: 'Neigh'... come back after my break."

  1. "Art of the duct tape" You are one of the few chosen one that has been allowed to indulge in the truth behind duct tape, and thus learnt it's secrets. You know how and when to use it. You can measure out exactly how much duct tape you need for each repair, your duct tapes lasts 50 % longer then normal with a +15 to each repair roll. (does not include hasty repairs)
  2. "Now, I'm no doctor... but if we just-" You can use your Repair skill to make First Aid checks with a -5 penalty. And a doctor check with a -20 penalty. Duct tape sure fixes most problems eh mate?
  3. "Jury Rigger" Through using the ancient and secret way of the duct tape, you are able to fix up and repair just about any items using similar components from other items that are kind of within the same area. You can use that rifle to replace that carbine for example, or spruce up that armour with some heaps of that thing over there. No-one really knows how this works... except for you.You have a +20 on hasty Repair checks, as well as +10 on all Craft and normal repair checks.
  4. "Allons-y" Your repair, craft, science and the like abilities costs 1 AP less, and "longer then a round" or out of combat tasks takes 10 % less time. You also gain a +15 on using improvised weapons under the Tools category, this effectively both removes the -10 penalty, and grants a +5 when using a weapon from that category. In addition, screwdrivers gains an additional +10 of the last mentioned bonus, and you are able to more efficiently strapping it onto another object. For example: A gun as a makeshift bayonet. These improvisation suffer a -10 to attack (technically negated by the +10 if you use your trusty screwdriver) however as they are not properly adjusted to the weapon, as well as a possible -5 to ranged attack if the weight makes the weapon unsteady. (These penalties will increased if you try to attach a ex: shovel on a revolver, just so you know...)
  5. "Sentry going up and down, and dam

Field PhysicianEdit

"Don't push me kid, I've seen things... things you do not want to witness in your entire life, trust me."

  1. "Oh, walk it off!" After using your Doctor skill to mend, heal or put something back in place, you can through your flawless technique and general professionalism have the current target of your attention ignore the penalties of their current alignment for 1d4+Your Wis mod rounds. (The secret is actually painkillers, some scotch and a little friendship.. but don't tell them that...)
  2. "Hush now, quiet now..." You can perform a coup-de-grace at only half the cost (you keep half your AP instead of loosing all) However, you are NOT allowed to make it any painful as you utilize your anatomical knowledge of how to snuff out a life as quickly as possible (such as neck snap, pierce the heart, cut a main artery). Your target is prone to die instantly or within a few seconds of your act, relatively painlessly compared to how they would have died otherwise. (Such as: Being eaten alive, melted into a pool of acid, being eaten alive WHILE melting in acid)
  3. "Don't be such a baby, ribs grow back" In addition, you now roll to increase Doctor, First aid, one weapon skill and one free of choice skill with a D8 instead of D6. (if it's trained, otherwise +1) As soon as your take this talent, roll for a increase immediately in these skills. You also somehow obtain a bottle of fine whiskey, scotch or brandy.
  4. "The power of one..." You're a stout one pony army.. well, more like a armed walking clinic, but that's beside the point. You gain a +10 bonus to your trained skills, DR1, all healing and combat actions costs 15 % AP less (min 1), +20 to saves against fear and you gain the power to glare grumpily at other ponies and mutter how nopony understands you and generally be bitter. Other choices of gained doctor attitudes are: Wicked, morose, totally-mentally stable and determined. (or whatever you'd possibly could be playing)
  5. "Can't you see the vengeance in my eyes?" Congratulations, you've done it! You've finally lost your mind! (Actually not right now, but the stress, trauma, sorrow, agony, and frustration has finally caught up to your limit break.) Once per week, if a close ally is killed (as far as you can see), you must make a hard will save to avoid snapping into pure rage and go haywire. If you fail the save, you gain +25 (+5 per additional ally you've lost this week, max +20 bonus to your bonus from this) to all actions, ignore the penalties of 70 % of all alignments as well as gain immunity to fear, panic mind altering effects. Gain an additional score towards the multiplier of general attribute checks, as well as ½ your maximum friendship with the pony that "died" as well as 2 per pony lost (max 5) combined bonus to your damage. (that's Fs+Ponies/2, not Fs/2 + ponies). After this sudden outburst, (and monologue of how "this could all have been avoided... it never had to come to this!") you fall into a 4d4 days long depression in which you'll suffer -6d6 to all of your actions. (new number rolled daily) You can attempt to "snap out of it" for up to 1 hour per day, if you succeed a neigh impossible will save. (Also, increase all attributes by 1)


"Hey babe, wana help.. 'tune my instrument'"

  1. "Bardic knack" You can add your Cha modifier to any roll as long as you are confident and not in a direct disadvantage. This bonus however increases whenever you get a extraordinary roll (1-5) by the amount your stat is considered increased (if it is Cha) until the end of your next turn.
  2. "Hello... I'm a bard." Gain a +10 eyebrow waggle bonus to your seduction skill In addition, you can each day make a roll against luck equal to your Int mod+1, if you succeed, you somehow manage too find one small vegetable of some sort, most common find is a tomato. This roll is done by the GM, and keep in mind this roll can also be a "critical" or a fumble. In other words: There is a chance you might THINK you found what you were looking for.... (you still need to logically be able to SOMEHOW find this vegetable. Even if it's just a slim chance. If you are locked behind bars for doing... stuff that totally wasn't your doing, (you were framed, honestly) you wouldn't have a chance to find a fruit of any sort. Nor if your are unconscious mind you.)
  3. "Bardic barding" You are allowed to re-roll, or ask the GM to re-roll any roll you or they made, up to your luck mod+1 times per day. However, every time after the first, the GM can do the same each time you request to use this talent. Meaning they can re-roll their roll, or force you to re-roll. Even if it was on something that affected your entire party, or more then just you. This new roll only applies to you, as some greater power apparently favours (or hates) you, and only you specifically. You may also use your Cha instead of Agi to determine your AC.
  4. "I just had sex!" You gain your Cha mod times the FS rank with the partner you "expressed yourself" with, in smugness (morale) bonus equal to your Wis mod hours. After that it's cut in half for another 3 hours. In addition, you gain the perk "Pony Sutura" as well as a +20 bonus in a certain "perform" skill. Take a wild guess which.


"Hey babe, wana help.. 'tune my instrument'"

  1. "Everypony for themselves!"
  2. "One for all, all for one"
  3. "Friendship is stronger then hatred my friend."
  4. "It never had to come to this..." 1d4+Wis mod times per day, you are allowed to re-roll an action you had some control over, could plan, or affect in some way. As long as there's some way you could (should) have predict an event, you are entitled a re-roll with 1/3 of your luck as modifier. You can ex: Re-roll accidentally stepping on a mine (since you totally remembered it was there), as long as you somehow knew it would be mines here. For example, seeing a "Warning: Mines" sign, then tripping over one would make you entitled to a re-roll. Simply accidentally stepping on one does not. (unless you were searching a ex: Raider base, with the assumption there'd be mines around here)
  5. "Like a phoenix, rising up as they strike you down" You are tougher then most ponies to take down. You are not considered dead until you hit the bottom with one type of condition. (Conditions can keep dropping even if you are at the bottom) Each round you are "dead (or die)" and fail the fort save, roll a d4. In that many rounds, you make a new save. You also have a +20 % bonus (added to the full percentage, not increased by) to the amount of percent you roll against your End to stabilize. In addition, each time you managed to get back up, you gain your Wis mod as temp Hp, and regain your End mod times 3 stamina. You can also roll Outdoorspony Int mod +1 times per day instead of a simple or easy medical, mechanical or crafting check to stabilize, tinker or craft a minor to moderatly useful thing using only your wits and the few things the wasteland has to offer.


"It's raining ponies!"

  1. "Friendly fire" You can at any time before firing or setting off an explosion, choose to do "friendly fire", on the contrary of what it sounds like, it is the literal meaning of it we follow here. Your explosions deal 40 % less damage to your allies, and 20 % less to your enemies. Just in case you wanted to avoid bringing back some scorched flesh, mane and giblets and explain exactly why you will be one pony less in your camp later today.
  2. "I'm drunk, you don't have an excuse!"
  3. "I see fear in your deepened eyes..."
  4. "No-where to run, and no where to hide."
  5. "Far from salvation" You do not just make, critical hits, you make THE critical hits. You ignore 1d6 DR on each enemy every time you hit with at least 60 % of your total skill in the weapon (around half or bellow of your total skill, ex: if you got 90 in it, every roll of 54 or bellow grants this bonus) you are also able to make critical, critical hits. That means you can roll a third confirmation roll for even more damage. You also add 5 % of your total skill (specialization included) in the weapon to your critt chance, rounded to nearest whole, not down like otherwise. In addition to all this, for the purpose of ripping of limbs with explosions, add a d4 when counting towards the thresholds of your victims to see if you manage to pass it. This d4 does not deal extra damage.


"Bother, bother, bother!'"

  1. "Burn baby burn, just go infernal!" Your range with fire weapons increase with 15 % longer then the weapon should originally be able to fire fire or be thrown. You just got a certain affinity for "lightening a place up". You can also avoid hitting a target directly within a splash or spray attack (automatically "missing" them for half damage instead of full, cover, evasion and armour can lessen this blow even further if they have the required mentioned action/gear) equal to your Wis mod for the first round as it hits. Each round after that, they start taking normal damage. Which can be useful if you want to avoid the smell of burnt flesh and singed mane reeking from your allies as they glare on you from the other side of the camp.
  2. "Every-things. Better. With. Pyrotechnics." You're quite smoking hot, at least you're good at avoiding becoming said statement literally. You take 25 % less damage from fire based attacks, in addition. Your own flame based attacks does 10 % more damage.
  3. "I am the terror that trots in the night, I am the batteries that are not included! I am- wait, what do you mean by 'wrong mash-up'?"
  4. "And boom goes the dynamite!"
  5. "I'm a miracle of confidence and tyranny!"


"'Knowledge is power."

  1. "Heightened common sense" Your GM will make hidden rolls for plot hints, and other players are allowed to make suggestion to what you should do. This is normally not allowed for most interactions. For example, if you decide to fire a shotgun toward that raider, a party member can say "Don't, there's a fuel tank behind him! We'll all be caught in the explosion!" and you now remember that your GM did mention that there was a distillery in the room you entered. Suddenly deciding that it might not be such a good idea to shoot after all.
  2. "No, no, no. Here, let somepony competent do it" Each time an ally of yours fail with a skill check, attack the like, (not saving throws mind you) you are allowed to make the same check with a +5 and an additional +2 (or -2) for each point you have more (or less) then them in the key attribute of that skill. If it's for example, a Int based skill, and your friend has 10 in, and you have 15, you would gain 5+(2x5)=10 in a conditional modifier. You can only use this once per "same" task per day however. So you can't let everypony in your team try to open that lock to get a new bonus each time. Once you try it, you have used your "charge" for the day on that object. You can however do it on another lock, just not the same. Almost the same goes for combat, if you "show them how it's done", you have used your "showing off" for that encounter.
  3. "But... I'll be seen as tardy!"
  4. "Dear internal monologue..."



  1. "I can't keep partying round, keep partying round" Every time you drop bellow 50 % HP in an encounter you can immediately take another turn with a -2 AP penalty, loose 1 hp, then after the turn proceed to the normal initiative order of the encounter. However, you can choose to accept this as your new placement for the combat at the cost of another HP. (no save for any of these damages)
  2. "Lets get dangerous..." Every time you take damage, double the amount taken, and use it as a conditional modifier for your rolls. Cuz that is how you roll.
  3. "I might run out of ammo, but I'll never run out of awesome" You are able to use any of your weapons as an improvised weapon with a +5 to hit (no penalty for improvised weapon), and a +1 to damage. This ofc requires that you can actually swing, thrust or flail it like a sort of melee weapon. You will however have to make a average fort save or take 1 hp damage each time you utilize this. This does not only include "weapons", got a medkit? Smack them in the face with it! Have some duct tape? Pummel them to submission, or tape them in the eye. An old sock give... uh... stuff it down their mouth... or something. I dunno, why the hay do you have a sock anyhow?
  4. "... I meant to do that!" Every time you fumble or botch a roll, take more then ½ your total HP or generally screw up big, you get a +34 modifier to your next Luck mod rounds actions, seeing how totally on purpose impaling yourself was in your plan on how you were going to do that thing over there with those... other things.. yeah, that's my story and I'm sticking to it. In addition, You can swap HP for AP up to 50 % of your End score each day.
  5. "LEEEEEEROOOOY HOOOOFKIINNNS" for 1d4+1 rounds, you double your everything. Yes, EVERYTHING! (this can not exceeded the maximum damage, healing or etc of an item, weapon or stat) The downside? pay attention to the emphasis of "everything"... In rule context: You take double fatigue, damage, wounds, crippling (yes, if you break a leg, two goes snap. Only thing that ignore this if you cannot anatomically have it happen more then once)


Requirements: Earth Pony
"'*Cough* Like I needed that to live anyhow... trust me... you've only managed to make me angrier..."

  1. "Just a flesh wound" For up to your Str mod times per day, you can force an enemy to re-roll damage that was just dealt to you. This is usable once per attack however. In addition
  2. "Stand tall" You regain an additional 2 stamina each turn, you also gain +2 to your damage threshold. In addition, you can choose to take 20 % more damage from an attack (max 5 additional) to ignore a knock-down or push back, you ain't not gonna let anypony bring you down.
  3. "No! I can do better, I can-rgh.." Choose a target area (in the hit table), your Th now counts as 3 higher in that area, you also capable of taking a breather in one round per combat. You can also while doing this, (or any normal breather) go up the condition track, (even if it would normally require you to have some medical attention) your End mod per day.
  4. "Feel no pain" At the beginning of each turn, you recover lost HP equal to 70 % of your undivided End mod. (before rounded up or down, ex: End of 18 is 2,52, so it'd be a regeneration of 3) This will not continue to heal once you've regained 60 % of your total health in a single combat. And you may at the most regain twice your maximum Hp in a single day from this effect. It is also affected by any healing reduction effects. And you gain a second, second wind to utilize each combat. (a second adrenaline rush) In addition, at the start of each combat, you gain 5 temporary hit points. These will still count towards your Th if you loose them.
  5. "I AM INVINCIBLE!" For the next 1d4+End mod rounds, you refuse to die. Gaining DR 50 % > everything but the kitchen sink. At the end of the last round, you take all damage at the same time. The Th is however shared out between the body parts to avoid causing 100 % trauma everywhere. If you got hit x times in the chest, and y times in the groin, it's split out accordingly. (For example: 3 shots in the chest, 1 in the crotch. If you took 12 (24, split in half) damage, it's divided in 4, and dealt out 75 % , 25 %. Resulting in 9 damage to your chest, and 3 in your groin.)


"'I will NOT let you hurt my friends! ... only I'm allowed to that "

  1. "Take the pain"
  2. "Tough as hooves"
  3. "Sir! Look out-arhgh!" You can perform a harm's way with ½ the AP cost, even if you don't have any left, (will have lost double once your next turn starts however) and when you haven't even prepared one during your turn. As long as you are within 3 meters of your target, aware of the attack and have semi-clear access to them. In addition, you take 10 % less damage from any damage you shield others from, as well as regain your friendship rank with them as stamina.
  4. "Shake it off" You are capable of raising one step on the condition track, even if normally not allowed as a 2 AP cost. You can use this your Str mod per day. Also, each time you do this, you gain your End mod temporary Hp. In addition, you also give others a +10 bonus to perform any sort of healing onto you. (that requires a skill check)
  5. "Deadly wounds can't stop me now!" You simply refuse to let something as trivial as mortality stop you from archiving your goals. Once per day, you ignore the effect of the following: Death. The next time it is your turn after you should have died from damage. Your character stumbles up upon their hooves by sheer willpower (with some help of a unbreakable determination and fit body) with HP equal to ½ their End. Each time you are dropped bellow 0 hp after that. You may roll against dying with a +2 (-2 on the check) modifier. If you succeed. You are stabilized with your End mod HP left unless the wound was to grievous (ex: torn in half, got ran over by a tank) but unconscious. You can however choose to get back up on your legs again, with 1 hp instead of above mentioned result. However, each time you use either of these abilities. Your AP is cut in half the round you got back up. And a cumulative -2 (aka +2) mod is added to next your roll. This penalty is reduced by 4 each day of rest. If you already are at the +2 bonus. You get an additional +2 bonus (for up to 6) each day you don't use this ability.


"'The most common way ponies give up their power, is by thinking they have none"

  1. "Question everything"
  2. "Whether you think you can or can't, you're right" You can reduce an enemies roll by 1d20 (or ½ your Int or Cha, and add the result to your next roll. In addition, gain +5 to your AC whenever you are within your Cha meters of at least 5 other ponies as you blend into the crowd.
  3. "Insanity: Doing the same thing over and over, expecting different results"
  4. "Art of distress"


"'Boom, head-shot."

  1. "Certificated snipony"
  2. "Crack shot"
  3. "Gotta crack a few eggs to make an omelet"
  4. "Dead eye"


"Courage isn't just a matter of not being frightened, you know... It's being afraid, and doing what you have to do anyhow.'"

  1. "There has to be another way!" You gain a +10 bonus to diplomacy and bluff checks when you attempt to avoid conflict brewing up. You are also entitled a re-roll once per encounter without the +10 bonus. This has no effect on most raiders however as they are beyond reasoning.
  2. "I hate resorting to violence..." You gain +4 on First aid, unarmed and diplomacy. And can once per encounter gain +30 to a diplomacy, perform, oratory or bluff check to distract up to 2+Cha mod enemies (or non-hostile) as long as you know (or at least think) they will be only attacked with subdual damage or at least not die from whatever plan your allies might have made up.
  3. "To pathetic to hit" You can be any means avoid an enemy attacking you, whether it be crying, whimpering, pleading, whining, shivering on the ground or by simply wetting yourself (do note that you'd need to at least have something in your bladder for the latest one) you can avoid attention as long as the enemy haven't seen you directly attack or if you appear to be armed and dangerous. You first make a bluff, perform, oratory, sleight of hoof or diplomacy check with a +20 modifier. (only if you appear completely harmless, otherwise you can still make a check without the +20. Such if you carry a gun or the like) If this succeeds, they have to make a will save with a -modifier equal to 50 % of how much you succeeded with. (type depending how hostile they are. Slavers would likely need a hard will save, while raiders would just have an easy, same goes for most beasts as you aren't a direct threat. Some animals or ex: feral ghouls just go for the nearest target however.) If you got 60 in it, and get 40, they'd have -10 on their check. (meaning they have to roll 10 lower then normally needed to succeed) If successful. The enemy is forced to choose a new target. Or simply cancel their attack. Important to note however, if you fail your check. They will have to roll a check with a -2 along the step (so moderate check will become simple etc) If they pass simple, they succeed automatically.


"Money can buy you everything but happiness... However, luckily money IS happiness!"

  1. "Let me show you my wares..."
  2. "May I interest you in my goods?"
  3. "How can I be of... 'service'?"


"What makes me different from them? They have something to loose..."

  1. "Leave it to me, I'll make em sing..." You gain a +6 on confirming your critical hits. As well as a +2 to passing damage Th with any weapon you can use single target with somewhat ease. (Ex: Grenades does not count for this purpose... unless you'd use em as improvised melee weapons.)
  2. "Got weapon, go fight" Gain a +3 competence bonus with all attacks, as well as a +1 to damage. You are also able to ignore the first 2 damage every encounter.
  3. "Ops... hope ya weren't planning on using that..." You gain a +15 bonus on making called shots to target area 20. Since really, everything is allowed in the wasteland. You also become trained in a weapon skill of your choice, in some strange way.
  4. "That ain't a threat, it's a PROMISE!"
  5. "I'll let your screaming echo through the night..."


Requires: Divotion
"Fret not child, sometimes it is the more somber moments that makes us cherish our loved ones even more."

  1. "One day..." As part of a social interaction, you can attempt to snap ponies out of fear, terror, horror, guilt, anger or the like, costing only half the AP, and with a +15 bonus. Assuming they were not a directly attacked by you, (slapping them yelling "Snap out of it!" does not count as attacking them for this purpose) or saw you go haywire/loose it in general. The target must also be able to see, hear and/or understand you.
  2. "For the Princesses!" You gain a +15 on all actions made to help others. This effect only applies if you are forced to act (in combat for attacks), or when doing things a bit out of your "normal" actions. While you might normally do comfort ponies, this bonus only applies to a bit "moderate/greater" challenges. (Otherwise 15+ on everything is a tad bit much) It is up to the GM to decide which actions are affected by this. But most of them should be covered by it. You however suffer -25 on all actions you take to deliberately take to cause harm on somepony that did not threaten you first or would deserve it. (Many raiders and most creatures does not count as "ponies" for the purpose of this, so you are free to shoot at a raider with no modifiers. Assuming you are not trying to save somepony in direct danger of said raider, in which you'd gain +15 on it)
  3. "Unyielding aura" As long as allies around you can see or hear you within your Cha meters from you, they gain a morale bonus equal to 5 % of your total diplomacy skill on all their actions, as well as 50 % of your Wis+Cha hope bonus against fear effects. This effect only lasts as long as you, yourself does not falter. You must also be conscious for this effect to apply. If you are moderately wounded (crippled or <50 % hp) , the effect is cut in half. Once per encounter, you may also grant anypony a re-roll on a save (or turn a critical into a normal hit)
  4. "Grace of the goddesses" Gain a one time +2 bonus to all your attributes. (Technically it's just a permanent buff, they do not actually increase, but raise for sake of rules) If you willingly perform an evil act, you permanently loose this bonus. If you were forced to commit said act, you loose it for 1d4 weeks. (then you may repent for said deeds.)
  5. "Divine purpose" Gain a one time bonus of +1d20 in two skills. (free of choice) And once per week you can perform a minor miracle (bring back a recently dead without the use of a revival talisman, strike down a foe with righteous fury (ignore DR and armour for one strike) or come out of a crashed building unscathed.) As well as once per day use these abilities one time each: Re-roll any number of dice. (yours or someone else's.) Reduce damage of a hit with 1d10 and regain that amount of HP as well. Add one of your attributes as a divine bonus to all your team-mates for a skill related to that attribute (ex: Agi for Evasion) for one round. Reduce attack rolls against you by 1d00 for your cha mod rounds. (new roll per round) Or avoid one hazard (mine, toxic waste, tripqire etc.) Same rules apply as above regarding your actions.


"All it takes is a spark..."

  1. "Three plus two pl- what do you want?" Any mechanical or electrical task costs you your Int mod less AP to perform. You also gain a +9 morale bonus each time you manage to succeed with a task you put your hooves (or horn) on. This lasts until your next task you take on. (aka: 1 charge) This bonus does not stack nor is cumulative.
  2. "Pfft, like ya could impress ME!"
  3. "I am the great and powerful techie!" Roll all your skill increases with a d6+1 from now on. (if you had a d8 or above, I don't care. You get a 1d6+1 now.)


"I'm not an executioner..."

  1. "Dead or alive, you're coming with me" You gain a +10 to hit and +2 to damage with all non-lethal attacks you make. This does not count against objects such as robots or the like.
  2. "I don't want to have to kill you..." You don't suffer penalties for using a weapon for subdual damage. And when attacking for non-vital areas, you do an additional +2 damage. And may choose to increase or decrease the Th damage with 4.
  3. "That's it, no more Ms nice mare..." When bellow 50 % hp, you gain a +10 conditional bonus with all your attacks. Your S.A.T.S also cost 50 % less to use the first attack each round.
  4. "Police brutality babe..." Gain DR:1, +3 AC and add your Luck mod to damage, Th, d100 rolls and the like. You may also raise on of your attributes with 1. Gain 1 new trained skill in a reasonable area of expertise. Your GM will have to approve of this skill.
  5. "Ante up!" You may trade your AC for bonus to your attack roll, or attack roll for bonus AC. You can only trade as much as your Cha or End score (choose one). This lasts until the start of your next turn. In addition, you can also move and attack in one go with only a -5 modifier. You can also once per encounter diligently avoid any attack (within reason), but you will automatically fail the next save or attack you are exposed to. Your DR and other bonuses will still apply however. But you are not allowed to avoid this attack by any means short of a very minor miracle or above. (such as burning friendship points or a team-mate hurling themselves in the way.)


Magically Augmented Gunnery Expert
"Sharp and blunt object are not the only way to get rid of your opponents..."

  1. "" Gain a +5 to hit with magical energy weapons, as well as a -5 when confirming a fumble.

To be namedEdit

Will increases your racial traits further


  1. "You can do this!"
  2. "One with the crowd"
  3. "Gotta stand up tall"
  4. "Don't give up, we must prevail"



"It's important to utilize everything in and around the wasteland. Every. Single. Thing."

  1. "I'll have it up in no time!" Gain a +10 bonus to any craft or perform skill. Or become trained in a new craft or perform based skill. You can also do tasks related with these 20 % faster.
  2. "If I'll have to kill, then blood I'll spill" You can use close to anything as an improvised weapon without any penalties. As long as the item in question is a bit related to your occupation or talent in some way, and within your range of strength to wield. In addition, you double any AC bonus you gain from non-armour items such as boxes, bottles and the like. All items in your possession also gain an additional hardness. Thus items with "instant break", gains "0" hardness instead.


Requirements: 13+ Dex (or Int)
"The fun has been... doubled!"

  1. "Twice the fun!" You are capable of dual wielding weapons with only a -13 (12,5 actually, but it's rounded up) penalty. You must however reach at least twice the amount required to wield one of them to wield two. (Ex: Something with Str req: 7 needs 14 for your to use them properly) Otherwise your penalty is doubled, and you suffer a -1 to damage.
  2. "One, two, one two, ba-bam" Firing both your weapons at once costs half as much increased AP it would normally do (so instead of taking away 20 % after adding both attacks up, you take away 40 %) This does not only include firearms, melee and unarmed is included as well. (However, if there's more then 2 attacks, this bonus is reduced by 25 % for all of the mentioned bonuses in this tree. Which means -19 to attacks and 30 % to the reduction.)


"I'm here to buck flank and chew mint-als, not necessarily in that order!"

  1. "I got this, I got this, I g-whoah!" Add 10 to your next roll, but suffer -10 to the next roll after that.
  2. "NOT THE FACE!"You gain the following response ability equal to 25 % of your luck per encounter: You gain +8 AC or +17 to your next evasion roll and are unable to be hit in the head, you however suffer a +3 Th damage (not actual damage, but counts against your Th)
  3. "Red wire with chips? Well that should have told me something..." You are allowed to re-roll any repair, trap, science or explosive check. You could also have the GM re-roll an explosive trap or electronic enemy attack against your characters (even splash, as long as you are hit). Since we all know you totally didn't cut that wire... or stood in that spot five seconds ago. You must however accept the second reroll, even if worse, since after all, you cut that wire, or stood there instead.
  4. "Right, plan E guys! ... It's same as the rest of my plans you idiot! RUN!" Running, always with the running... at least it has given you quite the sprint. You move faster then most ponies. All movement costs are reduced my 1 AP (twice per turn, and type.) This efficiently means you can shuffle two squares for free each turn. Or reduce the cost of a run with 1, as WELL as get one step further along the movement pattern. You also can always once per day somehow randomly find just enough parts to build a lesser contraption of sorts. Such as a 1d6+Int/Luck mod extra bobby pins, an ammo clip (for smaller and simpler weapons, a pair of slugs, or a hoofful of 9mm (Int/luck mod clips) for your pistol/revolver is sufficient. You can NOT randomly spawn mini-gun, magical energy or rocket ammo. That takes real components to make. You can however make a D2 simple dynamites) This does not always work care to mention. If you are locked within a empty cell, it could be hard to get anything to work with. (or have already used this ability on a place that already had close to nothing to begin with.)
  5. "One of MacGallop's biggest fans" You gain a +30 to repair, craft and similar skills that involves creating something as long as you are able to spend at least one minute scavenging around the area for material. You must however be able to find decent utilities for the task you are making. Only having found a rubber band, two rocks and a tank would not be enough to create a pair of batteries. You have to understand that you need logical material to sufficiently craft something... you'll need at least two rubber bands. (This bonus can not be combined with a toolbox or the like, since then you are using that instead of what you can scrounge up with)