In the following, we'll be mentioning (mostly) spells. But also techniques and styles. Each unicorn will start with some points to buy spells with. EP and PP however will not start with any technique nor style. Whilst UP and PP can learn any of the styles, it costs them x3 times as much. Likewise for a EP or UP to learn a technique. The majority of them are PP only however. Neither EP nor PP can learn spells however.

The difference of them? Spells are well... magic, I ain't gotta explain shit. Techniques are flight or manoeuvre tricks. And styles are fighting styles, such as the fallen Caesar. These are bought for your 100 freebie points (which you also purchase skills with). Unicorns get 30 additional "spell points" to start with. One freebie point is transferred into three "spell points". (same goes for tech and style) In some cases however, you can use a certain spell as a "substitute" or "lever". For example, you could use your telekinesis check instead of your sleight of hoof skills (assuming you have the right spell or augmentation for a spell), replacing one of the 1xAgi with your caster skill (Cha, Int or Wis). You must however keep in mind that this will illuminate your horn as you do this. You will however, not have to be in direct contact with the object. But unlike using a skill "directly". You cannot use your horn "in the dark". If you cannot see an object, you cannot focus on it. (unless you cast is when you saw your target, then walked out of the room channelling said spell. Or alternatively, if you at least know quite well what to expect. Picking a lock is one of these examples. You can't see the tumblers, but you know how they work and where they should be placed. (this assumes you DO actually know about locks. Either by reading about them, or trying it with mouth and hoof first. If you have Lock-picking trained, your character is assumed to have done this already)